We all want a better future Let’s make a difference – Together


"At RVS Group, when we think of our future, we think of a strong, stable and sustainable business. We go beyond just commercial and market performance in measuring our results at the end of a fiscal year. We are committed to contributing to our society, and a strong sense of social ethics and responsibility has always been integrated in the RVS philosophy and team mind-set, since the very beginning. The RVS foundation focuses on supporting programs and organizations devoted, specifically but not limited to, the cause of the destitute, those in need of education and healthcare in developing economies and those with special needs.

We're deeply aware of our responsibilities towards our environment and society. With this in mind, we're constantly striving to find new ways to improve the lives of our communities, our people and the environment in which we operate." - Rajesh Sajnani – Chairman & CEO – RVS Group

We’ve invested in a number of initiatives

Maintaining legal compliance and fostering an ethical work culture

Ensuring a safe and secure work environment for our employees

Protecting the environment

Supporting the communities in which we work

Developing sustainable technologies and products.

We believe maintaining high standards will result in a range of sustainable benefits to all our stakeholders. Our efforts help to motivate employees, support community growth and development, minimize risk, reduce cost, and increase shareholder value.

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Head Office: P.O.Box 25372, Near Dubai Museum, Souk Al Kabir, Bur Dubai, UAE.

Tel: +971 4 353 22 14
Fax: +971 4353 22 81